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Lunda Home Inspection, LLC is a premier home inspection company serving buyers, sellers and home owners throughout the state of Wisconsin. Bob Lunda has been trusted for many years by Wisconsin home buyers/sellers to help them make better and more informed real estate decisions. Bob’s approach is professional, educational, understandable, and detailed for each home buyer.

You will enjoy the inspection process when you join Bob as we detail the home you have selected. When you work with Bob Lunda, you are working with an objective honest professional.

What we offer


Home Inspection

A home inspection is a professional, objective, visual examination of the condition of a home. Home buyers view inspections as a way to gain valuable information about the biggest purchase of their lifetime. It helps them to determine whether there are any major defects or system inadequacies at the time of purchase. In most cases, home inspections are performed after a sales contract has been accepted by the seller, although home inspections can be completed prior to accepted contracts or offers being made; with the...


Radon Gas Test

Radon gas is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas. You cannot see, smell or taste radon gas. When you breathe air containing radon gas you increase your chances of getting lung cancer. In fact, the US Surgeon General has warned that radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today; cigarette smoking is the number one cause. A simple test can determine radon levels in your home.

About Bob Lunda

I’m a full-time Home Inspector licensed by the State of Wisconsin. I’m from Madison, WI; currently living in Fond du Lac. I absolutely enjoy home inspecting and will continue helping home buyers, sellers and owners for a long time.

I graduated from The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, worked as the Director of Finance and Operations in the cable television industry for about 20 years and started my own business in 2005.

My approach is simple, I work very hard, I’m honest, and I use the latest in technology. I keep up on new trends, and I’m involved in continuing education. Because I enjoy home construction and remodeling I’m privileged to own this business and work my hobby as a career.

I believe in supporting the communities I serve and “giving back” to others as I can. I’m active in community events and I attend many area benefits.  I look forward to talking with you soon.

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